Hybrid connectors size B40 for currents of up to 64 A

CONEC has developed a compact hybrid connector system for combined power supply and data transmission according to CAT5 which is carried out by means of a specially developed hybrid cable. This single-cable technology corresponds to modern connection and interface wiring technology.
Connector technology
In conventional cabling of large machines or production plants with electric motors, servo drives or linear units, separate cables are used for power and data/signal transmission for different, separate tasks. This is not only expensive, but also space- and maintenance-unfriendly. Due to the permanently increasing cost pressure and the miniaturisation of the end devices, in connection with an increasing data volume and high transmission speeds, new solution approaches for more efficiency in the area of cabling are required.
One solution is the newly developed CONEC hybrid connector series of size B40, which is the logical further development of the previous B12, B17 and B23 hybrid connector series.
This development has resulted in a compact hybrid connector system for the transmission of high currents of up to 64 A in order to meet the increased current requirements of large systems and machines. Due to the large connectable conductor cross-section of up to 16 mm², the power supply can be maintained over long distances without major power loss. CONEC B40 hybrid connectors have a separately shielded 4-pole data element for the transmission of Industrial Ethernet according to ISO11801 Class D or alternatively signals with currents up to 4 A. Wire cross-sections up to AWG22/0.34 mm² and wire diameters up to 1.6 mm can be easily assembled. The size is completed by five power contacts with a wire cross-section of 16 mm².

Secure connection
due to bayonet lock

Locking is ensured with a bayonet quick locking, eliminating the need for time-consuming screwing with a torque wrench. A quarter turn achieves a secure connection and IP67 protection. It is important to note that the bayonet can only be locked when the hybrid connectors are completely plugged in. The risk of failure due to connectors that are not completely plugged in or screwed in a defined way is thus avoided. Six different codings ensures that just the connectors with the right coding can be mated together, thus the connector can be used for a variety of different applications. B40 connectors are available both as overmoulded and field attachable versions. The overmoulded versions have the advantage that time-consuming assembly in the field is not necessary and connection errors can be avoided. The overmoulded connectors come with IP67 protection, they are tamper-proof, and 100 percent electrically tested.

Field-attachable variants

Should it ever be necessary to assemble a plug-in connection yourself due to the local conditions, all sizes and pole configurations are available as field attachable versions. The housing consists of resistant nickel-plated metal and cables with and without external shielding can be used. By using the Poka-Yoke principle in combination with a colourfully illustrated step-by-step guide, the assembly of the connectors is very easy. The range is completed by a square flange with wire termination, which is delivered to the customer ready connected, encapsulated and tested. The data line of the flanges is equipped with an overmoulded RJ45 as standard in order to establish a direct connection for servo controllers or other control systems. ds


  • Space saving by transmitting data and power in one connector
  • Reduced cable expenditure
  • Cost saving
  • Fast and secure connection by bayonet locking
  • Protection class IP67
  • Compact and robust design

Fields of application

  • Drive technology
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Assembly and production lines
  • Renewable energy sources
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