Servocontroller featuring machine learning, analytics and WiFi

The intelligent TITAN servomotor controllers from Arcus Servo Motion (represented by Dynetics GmbH) support the Servo 5.0 standard, which was designed for applications in the field of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things.
The versatile TITAN modules can work in networks. They feature many advanced servo control functions. All TITAN modules support 2ndSight Technology, the industry's first motion edge analytics and predictive machine learning algorithm. With 2ndSight TITAN meets the challenges of the emerging market for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. The TITAN controller series is available in several versions – from small core modules and stand-alone controllers to motors with integrated intelligence. It supports common communication technologies including 100 Mbps Ethernet, USB 2.0 (with virtual COM port), RS485 (115 KBaud) and user programmable WIFI (802.11n/2.4GHz). TITAN also has industrial communication facilities such as Ethernet CAT, Ethernet-Net/. IP and CAN-Open. The supported protocols are Arcus ASCII, MODBUS ASCII and MODBUS RTU. The universal closed-loop single-axis servo controller with WiFi support is suitable for motor types commonly used in the automation industry. These include 2-phase stepper motors, 3-phase brushless servo motors, 3-phase brushless linear servo motors and DC voice coil motors. The TITAN-SVX-ETH enables force control, joystick control, dynamic optimization, independent programming and much more. In addition, the controller supports various Servo 5.0 monitoring and analysis algorithms for applications in the environment of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things. The software of the TITAN-SVX-ETH is easy to operate and has powerful servo control functions for demanding drive tasks.

Compact module for OEM‑applications

The TITAN SVX-CR servo controller module is suitable for high-volume OEM applications. The module is designed for open loop operation (hold and dynamic gain) and has two UARTs, one SPI connector, eight TTL digital inputs, three TTL digital outputs and one analog input (0-5 V). ds
The TITAN SVX-CR servo controller module measures only 59 x 44 x 10.3 mm and can be mounted on printed circuit boards
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