Lift terminals for digital electricity meters

WECO terminal block series 150-B-111/03 & 145-A-511/03 ensure stable transmission of higher currents in meters

Connector Technology
WECO Contact GmbH, manufacturer of connection elements for the electronics and electrical engineering sector, has entered into a new far-reaching cooperation with eBZ GmbH from Bielefeld. The specialist for modern measuring equipment manufactures electronic basic meters with open interfaces and equips households throughout Germany with new digital electricity meters.
The changeover from mechanical to new digital electricity meters should be completed by 2032. WECO supplies eBZ with robust lift terminals for the reliable transmission of electricity consumption data from the corresponding electricity meters to the energy supplier.

Replacement of mechanical counters

Electricity meters are installed in every household and measure the electrical energy that the end consumer draws from or feeds into the electricity grid.
Most households still use mechanical meters. These have the disadvantage that the meter reading is only available on the counter and not on a data interface. In September 2016, the German Bundestag passed the Act on the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition. The centrepiece of the law is the new Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG), which summarises the requirements for metering and metering point operation. It regulates the technical requirements, financing and data communication and thus lays the foundation for the introduction of the new electronic meters.

The lift terminals have a solid bracket that clamps the conductor by turning up the socket without damaging it, hence the "lift principle"
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