Five advantages of XXL industrial monitors

Industry 4.0 and smart factory concepts pose a number of challenges to production processes. Industrial monitors that are capable of displaying the extensive data of servers in a way that enables all parties to quickly grasp the most important information are a key element of stable production processes. Using Kontron as an example, we show the advantages of XXL monitors.

Advantage no. 1:
Everything at a glance

The XXL monitor’s larger screen area and higher re­so­lu­tion (with the option of Full HD or even 4K) makes it possible to display a comprehensive overview of the complete manufacturing line instead of merely a certain section. For example, Kontron equips its FlatView monitor line with a 75 inch screen diagonal XXL version. It allows displaying the manufacturing line in its entirety. Problems are no longer registered in a locally limited fashion, and problems can be identified early on even at other critical points of the production process.

Advantage no. 2:
Important details at the right time

The more “smart” a production process is, the more data it produces. This data can and should be used for gaining as much information as possible, ideally in real-time and both in the production hall and the control room. Therefore, XXL monitors are especially well suited as flexible Andon boards with extended functionality. In case of disruptions, the monitors will provide extensive, detailed information to help limit problems.

Advantage no. 3:
Also suitable for large distances

Traditional industrial monitors not only limit the section of the screen that can be displayed. Long-range legibility is a factor, too. Placing XXL monitors at central locations makes it possible to easily read the content displayed over large distances, thanks to their size and high resolution. Also, technologies such as Kontron’s WideLink simplify the connection to the signal output. It allows placing monitors up to 100 meters away from the signal source.
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