ADMA-Slim is available in three versions: a multi-connector and a single-connector version (both in waterproof housing) as well as an OEM version


Miniaturised GNSS/inertial system for applications with space or weight restrictions

Precise GNSS/inertial systems using global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou or Galileo form the basis for recording and evaluating the driving dynamics of motor vehicles and for the navigation of steering robots. GeneSys Elektronik has developed the full GNSS/Inertial System ADMA-Slim especially for applications with space or weight restrictions.
ADMA-Slim has been specially developed for applications with space and weight restrictions, e.g. in GVTs or VRUs
ADMA-Slim is based on the proven ADMA technology for centimeter accuracy in positional data capture. It delivers precise, smooth and consistent signals even when GNSS reception is poor. The miniaturised GNSS/inertial system is available in three different versions, for the first time as an OEM version as well.

Flexible range of application

ADMA-Slim is typically used where space or weight is limited, but where precise motion tracking is still required – for example, for motorcycles, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), jet skis or snowmobiles, but also for applications in overrunnable platforms for GSTs and VRUs (such as pedestrians or cyclists).
In addition, the inertial measurement system is also suitable for vehicle dynamics testing and for ADAS evaluation in general, or specifically in accordance with Euro NCAP or NHTSA test protocols. ADAS functions include, for example, the autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) or the lane support system (LSS).
ADMA-Slim is compatible with all common GVTs, such as here in ABD’s GST when being used at the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)

Unlimited compatibility

Due to the new and stricter Euro NCAP requirements for 2018, smaller, lighter and more compact measurement systems such as ADMA-Slim are required to be integrated directly into the remote-controlled soft targets.
These are named in the test regulations as GVT (Global Vehicle Target, Euro NCAP) or SSV (Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle, NHTSA).
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