3D multi-stereo sensor with large measuring field

With embedded technology and a particularly large field of view, a new 3D sensor from ISRA VISION offers short scanning times and fast data availability, making it ideal for use directly on the production line.
Through exact 3D shape recognition, it checks all characteristics of an object such as boreholes or gaps in a single measuring run. The results are then immediately made available through CAD comparison. Moreover, the high precision and robust design of the ultra-fast 3D sensor make it perfect for use as a standalone system or for measurements in a quality lab. Equipped with four high-resolution cameras and a powerful LED, X-GAGE3D from ISRA VISION scans all object shapes quickly, even under challenging conditions. Its multi-stereo technology enables a particularly complete, ultra-fine point cloud, as stereometric images with six different pairs of cameras are possible.
With four integrated cameras and high-performance LED lighting, X-GAGE3D captures even the tiniest details and reliably creates watertight models. The complete digital images are ideally suited to applications such as additive manufacturing
X-GAGE3D enables complete object digitization with the highest level of precision
The various camera perspectives also mean that any reflective areas do not appear out of focus, as they can be optimally captured from other angles. The results are most precise digital images or “watertight” models, which show objects in detail and without any gaps. This allows even freely shaped areas to be inspected precisely and makes the results ideal for additive manufacturing with a 3D printer or for reverse engineering

Object digitization
as quality control

If a CAD data set for a component is already available, faulty deviations can be determined quickly through CAD comparison. X-GAGE3D uses this process to examine all object features simultaneously, considerably speeding up quality control. For object digitization, X-GAGE3D creates the CAD data itself and makes it available for further processing in all conventional formats. X-GAGE3D is especially precise here due to its ultra-fine point cloud technology. The minimal spacing between the data points delivers a high information density and depicts the object surface precisely. This makes it ideally suited for both, applications in the quality lab and for integration in an automated production line. As a flexible solution, X-GAGE3D is available in multiple formats and therefore covers the entire spectrum of application areas and component sizes.

Designed for easiest operation and Industrie 4.0

An intuitive user interface with tile design allows for safe operation without prior experience, guaranteeing smooth operation. Equipped with Wi-Fi and the OPC/UA protocol, the sensor is also optimally primed for connected production and INDUSTRIE 4.0. X-GAGE3D furthermore complements ISRA’s range of equipment for absolute measurement. This reference system determines the absolute sensor position in the space in relation to a higher-level coordinate system, thus producing the most objective results possible. ds
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