Deep learning-based image analysis

Cognex VisionPro ViDi enables deep learning-based machine vision for automatic identification, inspection and classification.
Cognex VisionPro ViDi is the first deep learning-based image analysis software designed specifically for factory automation. It offers a field-tested, optimised and reliable software solution using the most modern algorithms for machine learning. Cognex VisionPro ViDi combines artificial intelligence (AI) with robust machine vision packages such as Cognex Designer Software. It is thus able to solve complex applications that would be too difficult, time-consuming and expensive for traditional machine vision systems. New deep learning technology functions reliably even when anomalies and unpredictable defects occur, and it is able to outperform even the best quality inspectors. It is used primarily to locate and identify deformed features; to separate anomalies and identify defects; to classify texture and material and to perform demanding OCR applications – even where the printing is distorted.
Cognex VisionPro ViDi uses 4 powerful tool sets
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