19-inch industrial PCs with the latest technologies

Control cabinets require precise and efficient solutions for the installation of 19-inch industrial PCs. MASS has housings in height units (U) from 1 U up to 4 U in its range. All systems have a width of 19-inches (48.26 cm), which enables simple and standardised integration.
Industrial PC
The depth of these housings is determined by the type of enclosure: These are equipped with a rear access door for service tasks or, in the case of flat enclosures, with a swivelling frame to accommodate the IPC. This provides access to the wiring of the computer at the rear for servicing.
MASS offers suitable electronic hardware for all 19-inch computer enclosures from 1 U up to 4 U. In addition to processors, memory types and sizes, interfaces of all kinds and power supply units, expansion modules such as communication, PLC or special functions are installed. These IPCs can be equipped with or without a fan, depending on where they are used. They work continuously in 24/7 operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 50 °C and are protected against shock, contamination, and vibrations. In contrast to consumer goods, only components that are robust and have long-term availability are used.
MASS has tested many common programmes for a suitable operating system and offers ready-to-run complete systems after consultation with the customer about the application.
All 19-inch racks are configured in close consultation with the customer, as the type of control cabinet is already specified in advance. In the standard racks from 2 to 4U, MASS offers the latest 19-inch IPCs equipped with the 12th and 13th generation Intel® CPUs.
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