Artificial Intelligence

Driving productivity and
digital transformation

For Siemens, introducing generative AI into predictive maintenance isn’t just about enhancing the technology; it’s about driving tangible benefits for manufacturers. By enabling faster and easier maintenance decisions, it increases productivity, promotes sustainability, and accelerates digital transformation across the entire organization. It also addresses skill shortages in the industry because it captures and resurfaces expert knowledge from the aging workforce. In doing so, it empowers less-experienced shop-floor employees, making them more efficient and effective in their roles. ds
Deeper Dives with the Wind River Tech Team
Panel PCs for front panel mounting
19-inch industrial PCs in racks
Large monitors and FrontFace software
Industrial Raspberry Pi systems
Robust tablet and handheld PCs
Industrial computer MASS
MASS GmbH is your reliable partner for individual industrial computers, HMI operating terminals, large displays for digital signage and industrial Raspberry Pi systems – in Germany and worldwide. Even for small annual requirements, you are at the right address with us. MASS develops customised special devices even for small quantities. Our focus is on supplying turnkey solutions – with pre-configured software on requests.
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