Robust KISS Rackmount-PC in 1U-format with high Performance and Energy Efficiency

The entire KISS product family meets high requirements in extreme environments: Thanks to the effective cooling concept, the rackmount system can withstand ambient temperatures from 0 °C to +50 °C during 24/7 continuous operation. The high shock and vibration resistance also predestines the KISS V4 ADL series for robust industrial applications.
Customer-specific adaptations, such as individual front covers, can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the modular concept, even for small and medium quantities.
The latest member of the ‚KISS family‘, the robust and space-saving KISS 1U V4 ADL industrial computer scores with a motherboard developed and manufactured in Germany based on 12th/13th generation Intel® CoreTM processors and thus with more performance, increased reliability and better energy efficiency. This makes it particularly suitable for use in demanding industrial environments, as well as for high-end image processing and SCADA/MES applications, but also in person-related areas such as control technology and medical environments.
 KISS Rackmount Family
Industrial PC
Rear view of KISS 2U Low-Profile version
Rear view of KISS 2U Risecard version

Compact and powerful –

The powerful systems of the KISS V4 ADL series are based on Kontron motherboards with Intel® CoreTM i9/i7/i5/i3 processors of the 12th/13th generation with up to 24 cores. Two GbE ports, one with up to 2.5 Gb/s and eight external USB ports including USB-C ensure high data throughput and connectivity. Two DIMM sockets, each with up to 64 GB, provide sufficient RAM. Equipped with DDR5 UDIMM memory, a significant increase in performance is also achieved.
A wide range of internal and hot-swappable external storage media enables customized systems for any application. A particularly compact and powerful system is now available for the industrial automation, video surveillance and medical technology markets in particular, which opens up a new dimension in graphics applications with its four DisplayPort interfaces. Powerful power supply units are also available for AI and machine learning applications, allowing the installation of high-end GPU cards. Like all members of the new KISS family, the KISS 1U V4 ADL also supports the highest security standards and allows real-time applications for control tasks in the control cabinet or data consolidation in the local cloud thanks to TSN features.
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