Overmoulded HDSCS connectors, type C, 8 pins, for the most difficult environmental conditions

In the commercial vehicle industry and in agricultural, construction and municipal technology as well as in the Off-road sector, connector systems are required that offer extremely high performance even under the most difficult environmental conditions, such as at sub-zero temperatures or in dusty, hot environments.
Connector technology
HDSCS (Heavy Duty Sealed Connector System) connectors or complete HDSCS systems with cable are designed precisely for this purpose. Thus, via the HDSCS interface in heavy-duty traffic, truck and trailer cabling, modern systems such as Ad-Blu tanks and pump systems, exhaust systems and tail lights can be controlled.
Due to the tool-free slider locking, the connector is connected to the component in a vibration- and loss-proof manner. This ensures permanent contact pressure, especially for safety-relevant systems such as brake lights.
To ensure a continuous IP67 protection from housing to cable CONEC developed the overmoulded HDSCS connector series. By using suitable plastic materials, CONEC HDSCS connectors withstand extreme external environmental influences, vibrations and mechanical stress and are therefore particularly suitable for applications in harsh environments. The overmoulding is made of polyurethane (PU) and offers high resistance to chemicals and is abrasion resistant.
CONEC HDSCS connector systems are electrically tested and tamper-proof. Mismating is not possible by taking appropriate measures according to the poke-yoke principle.
Different cable lengths (standard lengths: 2.5.10 m) allow individual installation and cabling of the components. CONEC currently offers the 8-pin connector type C, which can be used with LED taillights from leading manufacturers in trucks and trailers. Other applications, as described above, or customised solutions with an additional connector at the free cable end or other variants of the HDSCS connector are possible. ds


  • Standardised type C connector for a wide range of applications
  • Full assignment of the 8-pin connector
    and the cable with inner wires of different colours to use the full range of features
  • Due to the overmould, continuous IP67 protection from the housing to the cable
  • Tool-free, safe and quick locking
  • Individual routing and assembly of the free cable end
  • High reliability for a long period of use due to modern plastic material

Fields of application

  • Emergency vehicles municipal technology
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Heavy goods traffic
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Transport industry
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