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Get more from CAD Basically, the AR working environment serves as a planning and collaboration platform. At BASF, for example, the AR software AR3S in combination with Microsoft's HoloLens makes planning more efficient and reduces construction errors. The visualization, manipulation and exchange of information are made easy by the intuitive handling.
The appropriate augmented reality software is therefore not only a tool that generates advantages at the corporate level, but also supports engineers in their practical planning work by providing better, extended handling of CAD data. And especially in times of social distancing, it is also an absolute advantage to rely on a collaboration tool that enables employees to continue working on important programs and projects. Without risk and even across large geographical distances.
These advantages will not lose their effect even after the current virus crisis has been overcome.
What acutely helps to further digitalize planning can in the long term create the basis for more efficient collaboration and optimize the entire engineering workflow.

Author: Florian Haspinger,
CEO and Co-Founder Holo-Light

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