Live application for Industrial Analytics

BOGE is using Weidmüller's Industrial Analytics in its high-speed turbo compressors for oil-free compressed air production. This application is a practical example of the close collaboration between customers and users when it comes to digitalisation solutions.
BOGE is fitting its HST compressors with an Industry 4.0 service package for the intelligent evaluation of operational data. This makes it possible to make predictions with regard to maintenance requirements during ongoing operation, and to plan any service interventions as effectively as possible
BOGE stands out from the competition with its innovative new service package, while also providing added value for its customers
Weidmüller will be presenting a live application of its Industrial Analytics solution at the Hannover Messe in hall 11, stand B58, using BOGE Compressors as an example. An HST 220 (High Speed Turbo) high-performance compressor by compressor manufacturer BOGE will be demonstrated here, which uses the Industrial Analytics software for preventative maintenance from Weidmüller to detect errors and operational anomalies. The highlight of the live application is the analysis of parameters that can be adjusted directly on the machine. This means that visitors can adjust the cooling system, for example, in order to simulate engine problems. The analytics software from Weidmüller quickly detects the adjusted framework conditions and uses a special forecasting algorithm to indicate the new probability of failure due to the manipulation, and to warn the machine user in the event of a potential failure. The data from the analytics software is processed offline, directly on the compressor IPC – data is visualised via a browser display, meaning that it can be viewed on different end devices at the trade fair stand.

Preventive error avoidance

The new BOGE HST compressors represent a key milestone in the development of class 0 oil-free compressed air production. The application areas of BOGE HST compressors include the pharmaceutical and food industries, industrial paint shops and semiconductor production. In all application areas, the consequences of machine downtime can be catastrophic. Preventative error prevention is a prerequisite for increased process reliability and optimal energy management for customers. That's why BOGE has been continuing to drive forward its strategy Compressed Air 4.0 in the areas of service and maintenance.
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