Digitization of existing machines
with Easy Tool-ID 2.0

Tool identification using Balluff Industrial RFID increases production efficiency, as it makes incorrect tool allocation or missing tools a thing of the past. This enables optimizing the service time utilization of the tools. In addition, scrap and rework due to excessive use of tools are virtually eliminated.
Easy Tool-ID controller with touchscreen display
With Easy Tool-ID, Balluff has provided an affordable entry-level solution into tool management for a long time now.
Version 2.0 has now been newly released on the market. Just like the previous version, it is convenient to upgrade and is characterized by being easy to install and configure. It features an additional touchscreen display and offers the user even greater convenience in practical operation as well as during configuration via web browser without intervention into the machine tool.

Paperless tool information

All this is required is a USB port (keyboard expander) on the machine tool and a presetter. The data is written via RFID technology from the presetter to the tool and then passed on through the Easy Tool-ID system to the machine tool. As a result, error-prone manual entries are eliminated. On the new 7" touchscreen display, all tool data is now displayed to the user in plain text. This ensures the correct overview. With Easy Tool-ID, the risk of data entry errors as well as set-up times are thereby significantly reduced. Alongside the new controller with touch display, the system consists of a tool stand with integrated read/write head, a processor unit and the power supply.
Easy Tool-ID 2.0 enables paperless tool information
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