Self-sufficient controller for small and medium-scale automation tasks

Local, stand-alone controllers offer benefits compared to central solutions in a wide range of different applications: They reduce system-wide data traffic, are resistant to interferences within the network, make troubleshooting easier and are very well suited to being combined with manual processes. Weidmüller's u-control 2000 web controller offers all these benefits and is based on open web technologies.
Control Engineering
It integrates real-time automation and communication for the Internet of Things, thereby forming the perfect interface between the previously separate worlds of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). u-control web is primarily suitable for small and medium-scale automation tasks and is perfectly integrated into the u-mation portfolio.

u-mation solution portfolio

The term u-mation relates to a range of different automation and software solutions that have been put together by Weidmüller and that can be tailored to the customer's particular application.
The portfolio combines modular automation hardware with engineering and visualisation tools, thereby enabling the connection of all process levels – from the sensor to the cloud. The innovative portfolio includes the u-control 2000 web controller. The controller's web connection means that machines can be accessed from anywhere, with any end device and regardless of the operating system. This independence is achieved by shifting the software from the PC to the controller and by using open web technologies. With HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, every system can be monitored and programmed regardless of their operating systems.

u-control 2000 web controller

u-control 2000 is a slimline, 52-mm controller that can be combined with input and output modules just like a u-remote coupler.
The controller software is based on a powerful dual-core ARM A9 processor with a clock frequency of 624 MHz, 512 Mbyte RAM and an internal flash memory of 4 GB. Up to 32 GB of data and information can also be stored on a micro SD memory card. The controller is equipped with a battery-buffered real-time clock.
The user has a variety of interfaces for communication or for carrying out engineering tasks on u-control. The engineering software is started up using a browser, via one of the two RJ45 ports. Once the programming of the system is complete, data can be exchanged with a higher-level controller or an ERP system via this Ethernet TCP/IP interface.
The development tool Node-RED guarantees the simple realisation of applications in the Internet of Things sector. Individual function components (nodes) are easily linked simply by creating connections
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