Linear and rotating servo motors with high degree of efficiency

The distributor Dynetics has specialized in solutions for mechatronic applications in the industrial and consumer sector. No matter whether AC, servo or DC technology, rotating or linear – there is a suitable drive for almost every application. The motor range covers a wide variety of industrial applications, for example in the semiconductor, packaging, printing and textile machinery industries – in other words, wherever speed, precision and accuracy are required.
Drive technology
The Digitax-SF series enables precision servo solutions with low power

Rotating servo motors

For rotating precision servo solutions Dynetics has the new fast, safe and user-friendly Digitax SF series servo motors in its range. There are motors for the power range from 50 W to 2 kW at 200 V and NEMA flange sizes from 40 to 130 millimetres.
The cost-effective Digitax SF servo motors are supplied with 17-bit incremental encoder, oil seal and wrench. The Digitax-SF series is low maintenance and thanks to the robust, waterproof motor housing (IP67) ideal for compact servo applications in harsh environments. The speed is 2000 or 3000 rpm.
To simplify commissioning, parameter setting and tuning, the controller has a 6-digit 7-segment status display. The versatile analog or pulse train interface allows easy integration into a PLC or motion controller. The controller has an integrated positioning table and a PC-USB interface for parameter setting, tuning and status display with the Digitax SF Connect software. The controller can communicate via a fieldbus, for example via EtherCat and OpenCAN. The Nidec Control Techniques diagnostic tool allows the user to access the full range of functions of the servomotor. The parameters of the servo controllers can be conveniently optimized, settings can be safely stored, the integrated motion and control profile can be configured and communication with the selected network setup can be performed. Digitax SF Connect is a user-friendly PC tool with a familiar Windows interface and intuitive graphic design for easy parameterisation, optimisation and diagnostics. Positioning and test run functions facilitate commissioning.
The Diagnostic Tool app from Nidec Control Technique allows problems to be solved quickly. The app provides easy access to circuit diagrams and facilitates troubleshooting by providing links to the relevant manuals.
 DIGITAX SF series
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