12-Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switch for Secure Automation

Networking and Security
The IGS-9084GP-LA from ORing Industrial Networking adds a slim-type variant to ICP Germany's portfolio of managed Ethernet switches. The switch offers 8x 10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports and 4x100/1000Base-X SFP ports and requires no more than 55 mm width, 146 mm height and 109 mm depth with its IP30 metal housing.
Overall, the IGPS-9084GP-LA provides switching bandwidth of up to 24 Gbps with a latency of less than 7 microseconds. For designing secure network connections, the IGS-9084GP-LA supports Ethernet redundancy protocols such as Open-Ring, O-Chain or O-Ring, with a recovery time of less than 30 milliseconds for 250 link units, as well as MRP. Additional security features like device binding, MAC based port security, port based access control, VLAN, Radius, SNMP, HTTPS, SSD, DOS/DDOS Auto Prevention, etc. can additionally ensure secure data traffic.
Software features like Modbus TCP, NTP server, SMTP client, DHCP server/client/relay QoS management, IP-based bandwidth management and many more complete the features. The IGS-9084GP-LA supports the IEEE 802.3az energy efficiency protocol and is able to conserve power on idle ports during periods of low activity.
Under full load, the IGS-9084GP-LA consumes 13 watts. The IGS-9084GP-LA is rated for a voltage input of 12 to 48 volts and offers two redundant voltage inputs. The operating temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C underscores its industrial suitability.
As the official ORing distributor for the DACH region, ICP Germany has been offering more than 400 products in the field of network technology, as well as the corresponding technical know-how, for almost 15 years. ds
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