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Turnkey RFID store solution for material logistics

Using an RFID system solution from Turck Vilant Systems, wholesaler chain ProMart developed the “EasyMart” shop concept – self-service containers or store rooms that make fixing materials and tools available at any time and on any site.
ProMart is a wholesaler for tools, fixing accessories, protective equipment and chemicals, particularly for customers in the shipbuilding, manufacturing and construction industry. In order to save its customers from downtimes on building sites and trips to building suppliers, the Finnish company developed the “EasyMart” concept based on the turnkey RFID store solution from Turck Vilant Systems. The concept consists of automated self-service shops that are set up on building sites, in shipyards or extensive production plants and do not require any personnel. This provides the particular building site with a permanent supply of tools and materials without having to interrupt work processes.

Solution for technical
wholesale and intralogistics

A great deal of valuable time is lost in the procurement of materials, regardless of whether this is due to long wait times or unnecessary journeys to wholesalers or warehouses. The problem in a nutshell is this: if the right equipment isn’t available, a worker has to drive off to replenish supplies, thus having an immediate negative impact on employee productivity, building progress and overall project costs. These kinds of downtimes are even greater in shipyards or in large industrial areas outside of cities if the wholesaler is particularly far away. Avoiding these unfavorable effects requires the efficient management of material logistics and the building site has to have a continuous supply of tools and accessories. Different building sites also require different products, since the construction of a ship, for example, uses different equipment than required for the building of a street or hospital. ProMart, specialists in innovative service concepts in the technical wholesale sector, took up this challenge and looked for a solution that supplied customers with tools and accessories round the clock directly on major construction sites – without the need for personnel for complex billing processes.
Housed in conventional ISO containers, the EasyMart Store can be set up easily anywhere –
and transported on after construction
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