Cutting-edge power management for the industry

Fully networked systems with intelligent sensors and actuators place extremely high demands on the power supply. Applications in the manufacturing industry, process engineering or wind farms all have one thing in common: they need a reliable power supply for their controllers, sensors and actuators. To meet this need Weidmüller has developed modular, communication-enabled power management solutions in a range of performance classes.
In the modern era of Industry 4.0 systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), all the components of a production environment are connected via a digital infrastructure. This means, of course, that all integrated components need to be 'smart', including the power supplies working in the background. This is why Weidmüller has developed a system comprising a power supply, electronic circuit breakers and a communication module that can be adapted to any application.

Power supplies for digitisation

PROtop power supplies provide power, energy efficiency and communication capabilities in equal measure. Thanks to the excellent efficiency of up to 95.3 per cent - depending on the variant - 15,000 kWh can be saved annually in a medium-sized production plant compared to a standard power supply. (Assumption: 100 pieces PROtop à 960 W in three-shift operation)
This amounts to over 15,000 kWh a year. With MTBF values of over one million hours, they also offer a high level of operational reliability and almost twice the service life of a standard device. This allows them to increase plant availability and improve the CO2 balance many times over by providing energy efficiently and extending the period between device replacements. They also take up 30 per cent less space and so provide higher functional density in the control cabinet. PROtop power supplies are available in 72 W to 960 W versions with output voltages of 12 V, 24 V, 36 V and 48 V.

DCL technology
ensures peak load reserves

An efficient power supply needs to have high pulse energy reserves to enable powerful motor starts, for example. With their cutting-edge DCL (Dynamic Current Limiting) technology, PROtop power supplies are able to guarantee this at all times.
In normal operation, a current reserve of up to 600 per cent is always available to cover short-term peak loads at any time. An integrated overload control circuit (DCL) ensures safe operation of the device and limits the output current to a non-critical value only when required. In this way an optimum of pulse energy can always be drawn from the power supply. At a motor's starting torque, for example, 300 per cent of power reserves are available for approximately 100 milliseconds and 150 per cent for approximately 5 seconds. This is important in materials handling applications, for example, where 24 V or 48 V DC motors often operate with high starting currents. For example, a 10 A PROtop power supply can easily replace a 20 A standard power supply.
The high dynamic range of PROtop devices also ensures the reliable triggering of circuit breakers. The fact that conventional switched-mode power supplies inherently limit the output current means that protective elements may not necessarily react in the event of a short circuit. The system will simply continue to run at the maximum current of the power supply. A fault can thus remain undetected and possibly result in damage. With power reserves of 600 per cent for 15 milliseconds, PROtop power supplies are able to safely trigger each circuit breaker.
PROtop has ample pulse energy reserves thanks to innovative DCL technology. These reserves are ideal for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers or as additional energy for powerful motor starts
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