Field-attachable connectors and panel mount connectors for automation

Progressively decentralized automation, keyword industry 4.0, requires flexible and individual wiring in certain areas directly in the field and at the machine. The constantly growing number of sensors for monitoring operating and machine conditions also necessitates the use of field-attachable connector variants that can be assembled to enable flexible electrical connections directly in the field. CONEC offers various connector families that meet these requirements.
Connector technology

Universal and versatile product range for individual assembly

There is a demand for connector systems that enable a safe connection between the IP67 world in the field and the IP20 world in the control cabinet.
CONEC's connectors field attachable are available in numerous numbers of poles and codings for signals, data and power.
The user has the option of choosing between screw, crimp, or spring clamp connection technology.
Panel mount connectors and field attachable connectors from CONEC comply with all common standards and enable an individual design of your system, your control cabinet, or your device. Panel mount connectors in sizes M8x1, M12x1 and 7/8" are available for both rear panel mounting and front panel mounting as well in different installation heights and termination types – solder pin, solder cup, wire termination, overmoulded with cable as well as SMT and THR. Overmoulded panel feedthroughs with cable are particularly suitable for installation in control cabinets. They are available both with an open-end cable and as a ready-made connecting cable.
CONEC panel mount connectors
overmoulded with cable
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