Small control unit with integrated colour display

The focus of DISPLAY VISIONS' small controls is on an integrated, high-quality display: brilliant colours, extremely bright and perfectly readable from all directions. The control behind it operates both inputs and outputs as well as a touch panel.
Special Industrial PC / HMI
Small PLCs with simple displays have been around for a long time. What is new is the possibility to read measured values and operating parameters from a distance. Another new feature is the ability to make direct inputs via a touch panel. Thanks to the integrated I/O and graphics controller, stand-alone applications can be developed with this solution in no time at all. In the simplest case, the smart touch displays of the uniTFT series from DISPLAY VISIONS transform every switch into an intelligent tablet in mini format without additional hardware. Acoustic outputs are also possible. Numerous I/Os (3.3 V) as well as interfaces for PWM, SPI, I²C, RS-232 and USB allow the connection of any sensors and the connection to external microcontrollers. The units can count, calculate, compare, store and at the same time enable user-friendly input of parameters. Images, fonts, menus, audio files and log files are stored in the integrated flash memory.

Designing the user interface
with a WYSIWYG tool

The uniTFTDesigner (Windows) programming tool is a WYSIWYG tool that can be operated intuitively and provides easy access to the wide range of graphics functions. This makes it easy to create animated touch and display functions for a modern user interface.
The uniTFT series is designed for installation. DISPLAY VISIONS offers them in staggered screen sizes from 2.0" to 4.3" and larger. With a typical brightness of 1,000 cd/m², the display of the IPS panels is clearly visible even in bright ambient condition. Their AACS (All Angle Colour Stability) technology prevents contrast and colours from flipping at extreme viewing angles.

Can be used in
industry and home automation

Developed for industrial applications, the uniTFTs are also ideal for installation in analysis systems or for use in home automation and high-quality wellness and kitchen appliances. Further information and various demo packs with different application examples are available on the manufacturer's product homepage. DISPLAY VISIONS guarantees comprehensive service directly from Germany as well as long-term availability.
The Windows software uniTFTDesigner is a WYSIWYG tool for HMI units with PCAP
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