Innovative technology
The MobileRob, MR-1, enables smooth intralogistics
The automation module TopRob6, which is designed for one to two processes, is also suitable for the automation of individual machines. Together with a storage tower, it forms the central building block of efficient loading units. In line with SW Automation's modular concept, the TopRob6 can be linked to SW's other automation modules via standard interfaces.
The MobileRob, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), can be used for the internal transport of workpieces. For example, it supplies machine tools and systems with raw parts and removes processed parts without a driver. It creates a position map without programming and orientates itself independently. The system can serve as an essential component of matrix production by linking production lines to form adaptive process chains in which individual components run through the order-specific processes required.
 7-axis robot gantry
 Automated Guided Vehicle AGV
7-axis robot gantry solution 

Reproducible quality and more efficiency through individual automation solutions in assembly

Pressing, joining, screwing, gluing, coating – SW Automation designs custom solutions for assembly automation that increase efficiency in automotive manufacturing. Employees are deployed precisely where their flexibility and intuition are indispensable.
Together with the customer, SW Automation designs a modular overall concept from individual components that effectively combines individual assembly processes. The focus is on essential requirements regarding the traceability of all assembly steps, productivity and reproducible quality with zero error rate. SW Automation combines fully automatic stations with semi-automatic and ergonomically designed manual workstations to form complete assembly lines.
The company also implements assembly lines for component families as well as variant-rich assembly, and links them to the customer's higher-level MES and ERP systems. For example, SW Automation has created a concept for the automatic assembly of half shafts with comprehensive process data acquisition and backup. In addition, SW Automation integrates and automates all peripheral stations that are necessary to completely manufacture components. The company has decades of experience in integrating secondary processes into highly automated lines, from cleaning, deburring and measuring to leak testing, welding and tempering, all the way packaging. With a proven network of suppliers for special technologies as well as experts for automation, the company puts together the optimal production line as a complete solution – ready to connect and from a single source.
 Assembly automation
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