"Since the variable and flexible interlinking takes place via standard interfaces, downstream processes or third-party machines can also be integrated into the overall system, and subsequent adjustments in the field, including system downsizing, are easily possible," explains Makis. In order to achieve increased availability, the automatic connection of the processes is not firmly coupled, but automatic buffers are installed so that failures can be better cushioned. The basic modules, for example for machine assembly or subassembly, are designed by SW Automation so that they can be used for as many product variants as possible. They can be supplemented as needed with individual, more customised components. A modular robot, for example, does not only have a single hand to lift cardan shafts or housings with different outer contours from the conveyor and place them in the machine. Instead, it is equipped with several standard hand and finger modules suitable for the respective workpiece, which can be changed as required.
To enable even more flexibility for the entire production plant, the individual machine controls are also connected to the SW platform. SW products and the machines provided by the customer for downstream processes are brought together in this higher-level control system. The software allows central access to the plant status, control of production orders, item-related data storage and retrieval for traceability purposes, remote maintenance functions, KPIs and web visualisations.

Turnkey solutions for
automated production

SW Automation offers complete turnkey solutions in association with SW, which include all components up to the control of the complete system. In addition, the company also designs automation solutions outside of machining and independently of the parent company's machine tools. For example, the company develops systems for assembly automation, such as for the processes of screwing, joining and gluing. These systems also benefit from a connection to the SW platform.
Thanks to the modular principle and the other services provided by SW Automation, the entire automation concept no longer needs to be changed for individual product changes. In view of the increasing number of variants and shorter product runtimes, this ensures long-term investment security for automotive suppliers.
Production system from SW for Schabmüller Automobiltechnik GmbH
Innovative technology

More productivity and availability in manufacturing through digital services

SW has an extensive range of digital services that lead SW's customers into the digital age in a practical and production-oriented manner. From this so-called life data portfolio, modules can be flexibly selected that best support a company in achieving its individual goals – for example, increasing productivity. Data sovereignty always remains with the customer.
SW offers manufacturing systems and software from a single source and relies on field-proven digital products
SW has product-, consulting- and research-related digital services in its programme. The core element for most digital services is an IoT gateway for the fast and uncomplicated connection of existing manufacturing systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers scaling options as well as standardised interfaces and ensures that the information only reaches where it is needed via configurable data acquisition and transmission. The product-related services include the SW CloudPlatform (SWCP).
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