Condition monitoring on machine tools

Flexible and cost-effective machine retrofitting with DATAEAGLE

Machine tools play a central role in the manufacturing industry and especially in supplier companies to the automotive industry. For years, the performance of these machines was based on electromechanical assemblies, and sensors were only used as part of safety functions. This is changing in the course of Industry 4.0.
Condition Monitoring
Operators are now increasingly looking to retrofit classic machines with intelligent sensor systems including data communication, thus creating the prerequisites for efficient condition monitoring. This requires – in addition to the retrofitting of sensors – an efficient system for the sensor data transport from the machine to a data processing and displaying system – without interfering with the actual machine control.
A large car parts manufacturer in Portugal wanted to retrofit his several hundred machine tools – usually 12 per production line accordingly. After a thorough market analysis, he commissioned the IIOT company IndustrialSYS, which had proposed a powerful wireless solution using the Schildknecht CMS (Condition Monitoring System) in conjunction with wireless PROFINET.

Retrofitting condition monitoring during ongoing production

The challenges of this project were the variety of machines (12 machines) – with or without sensors, with analogue and/or digital signals, with different control systems – and the requirement to perform the CM retrofit in a short time and without significant impairment of the ongoing production. All machines should be upgraded to provide the following four operating parameters: The temperature inside the switch cabinets, the cooling as well as the oil-hydraulic circuit temperature and the pressure of the hydraulic circuit.
All these parameters are important to extend the life of the machines, reduce downtime and thus increase productivity.

In addition, the following
boundary conditions had to be fulfilled

  • Process numerous analogue signals
  • Bridge large distances between the machines in an "optimal" way
  • Realise short installation and commissioning times
  • Use a standard technology for easy integration into other applications
  • Take into account that the machines cannot be networked with a local LAN
The DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System from Schildknecht is easy to use – connect, switch on, apply
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