Condition Monitoring

Exemplary character
of this solution for production companies

Many companies have "aged" but still fully operational machine tools whose control technology can no longer be upgraded to meet today's requirements for reasons of age (discontinued components).
With the solution described these machines – regardless of manufacturer and year of manufacture – can still be made IIOT-capable by retrofitting sensors and a separate wireless data path. This is an enormous benefit for many companies in a highly competitive environment.

A flexible modular solution

Schildknecht's "modular condition monitoring system" with its staged data path offers an attractive solution in every respect: flexible due to the large number of variants, economical due to modular technology and low installation costs (wireless technology). Furthermore, it can also be used on machines installed worldwide thanks to global connectivity via an interface to the local mobile phone network.

Author: Elena Eberhardt,
Business Development & Marketing Manager
of Schildknecht AG
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Video: Installation of DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System, condition monitoring for motors & machines


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Hamamatsu Photonics provides InGaAs solutions covering the visible (VIS), near infrared (NIR), and short wavelength infrared (SWIR) regions. Our solutions fulfill different applications including spectrometers for spectrometry, scientific cameras for microscopy, and machine vision for industrial imaging. Also, we provide driver modules and evaluation boards to decrease your design time. Customizations are available for specific applications and requirements.
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