Patch cord M12x1 X‑coded – secure transmission with Cat. 6A performance

The need for high data transmission rates is growing continuously as a result of increasing decentralization in the industrial environment. More and more nodes in the field level have to exchange large amounts of data in real time.
The M12 X-coded connector was developed to ensure reliable transmission of up to 10 Gbit/s in industrial environments with Cat. 6A performance.

The CONEC range of connection cables with Cat. 6A performance is implemented by the M12 X-coded to M12 X-coded version and by the design of M12 X-coded to RJ45. This allows cabling from the field level with increased protection requirements (IP67) directly into the control level, i. e. into a protected environment. In order to lead the interface from a device in the control with RJ45 interface at the control cabinet to the outside, the product range is supplemented by an M12 X-coded flange with overmoulded cable connection. This allows the interface to be routed without having to carry out time-consuming assembly work in the field. The patch cables are supplied fully assembled and tested.
In case the conditions on site do not allow the use of ready-made cable assemblies, the field-attachable M12 X-coded connector with crimp connection completes the CONEC product range.
All M12 X-coded patch cords are available in both straight and angled versions and meet the requirements of CAT6A up to 500 MHz. When mated, the PUR overmoulded connectors meet protection class IP65/IP67 and can thus be used in industrial environments. ds


New connectors for automation

In the Product News 2021 CONEC provides an overview of new connectors of the product groups M8x1, M12x1, HDSCS and M12x1 panel mount connectors. In addition to a variety of connectors for all current standards, CONEC's particular strength is the integrated moulding of components and assemblies as well as in the development of customized solutions.
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