CONEC SnapLock D‑SUB hoods and connectors

CONEC offers a D-SUB quick locking system which enables a quick and easy locking and unlocking without additional tools. The system allows a locking even at poorly visible device interfaces due to the audible and tangible "click“. Retrofitting an existing system with quick release hoods is also possible.
The CONEC SnapLock locking system consists of D-SUB connectors and D-SUB hoods allowing quick and safe locking without any additional screwing. A spring-loaded clip integrated in the hood locks in place with the locking bolt mounted to the mating connector and ensures a quick and safe connection. The locking bolt for the connector is available in two variants: Firmly integrated in the connector, for example with a standard thread insert. The advantage is that the locking bolts cannot get lost and do not have to be installed in a second work step. The connectors may be used in the circuit board directly after mounting. The second variant is a kit for subsequent mounting on connectors for rear panel mounting or as upgrade kit for existing systems, to be used with the CONEC SnapLock hood.
Locking of the locking mechanism is indicated by an audible and tangible click. Due to the high retaining force, safe locking of the connector is provided for many different applications. The plastic hoods are available in sizes 1 to 5, metallised or black. The material is flame-resistant in accordance with UL 94 V0. In addition to the hoods, we offer appropriate D-SUB connectors (9- to 50-pos.) with integrated locking bolt. The locking bolt is tightly mounted to the connector shell and thus cannot get lost. Further on there is an option to make a hood-to-hood connection. This is done via a connection bolt kit. With a small plastic plate, the connection can be secured from one side against detaching (with one locking plate per side).
Another supplement is the upgrade kit for existing D-SUB systems with threaded insert UNC 4-40. The kit includes two locking bolts with washers. These are screwed in the threaded insert and ensure safe use of the CONEC SnapLock hood.
Connector technology

CONEC establishes a
third production site in Europe

At the end of last year, CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente opened a new production site in Slovakia. The boom in automation technology, the order backlog in mechanical engineering and the overall economic environment were the triggers for the decision to further expand the already existing production capacities. The new production site Giraltovce is located in eastern Slovakia about 250 km behind the Czech-Slovak border. CONEC has rented production space in an existing industrial building there. Phase 1 started with 1,000 sqm at the end of 2021, with a further 900 sqm of production space to be added by the end of 2022. The new production site is directly connected to CONEC CZ, Jan Jurek (Managing Director CONEC CZ) has taken over the management. Currently, the production focus is on the product areas M8/M12/7/8″ field-attachable connectors as well as on the D-SUB and IP67 D-SUB series. During further expansion and automation, other product areas will be added. ds
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