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From developing the next generation of intelligent camera systems, increasing efficiency in automation technology, making transportation systems safer or creating innovative IoT solutions, device manufacturers looking to realize innovative next-generation edge AI applications are increasingly turning to NVIDIA Jetson Orin platforms. Spectra offers platforms based on the NVIDIA Jetson series both as a ready-to-use edge device or for integration as a mainboard.
IIoT & Edge
Front AIE-KN41
Rear AIE-KN41

AIE-KN41 – Edge Device
with NVDIA Orin NX

The new AIE-KN41 edge device combines NVIDIA's innovative Jetson series, a compact design and outstanding AI performance. The system is based on the powerful Orin NX platform and sets new standards in terms of efficiency and intelligence directly at the edge.
The small design and very low weight of just 500 g make it one of the most compact edge AI systems on the market. This makes it easy to integrate edge computing into existing systems and place it effectively in environments with limited space.
With an impressive AI performance of 100 TOPS (tera-ops per second), the AIE-KN41 sets new standards in the field of artificial intelligence. This performance opens up a wide range of possibilities for applications such as machine learning, image processing and more.

The AIE-KN41 is equipped with a 6-core Arm Cortex-A78AE-v8.2 CPU with 2 MB L2 and 4 MB L3 cache, ensuring smooth execution of complex tasks. The memory options of 16 GB 128-bit LPDDR5 with a transfer rate of 102.4 GB/s provide sufficient capacity for data-intensive applications.
With its sophisticated power management, the edge device offers high energy efficiency. With a consumption of just 7.6 W in idle mode and 40.25 W under full load, the AIE-KN41 is an environmentally friendly solution.

AIB-SO21 – The NVIDIA Orin Nano Board

The NVIDIA Orin Nano Board AIB-SO21 combines the latest Jetson Orin Nano technology with a compact design that fits into even the tightest of spaces.
Jetson Platform AIB-SO21
Jetson Platform AIB-SO21
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