Future-proofing your
power switching solution

Isolated 2-watt converter for IGBT/SiC gate driver

RECOM Power presents the RxxC2T25, an SMD DC/DC converter in a SOIC package that provides improved efficiency with higher output power for automotive, industrial and inverter applications. For electric vehicles (EVs), this improvement is essential for extending the performance and range through more efficient motor drives and faster battery chargers.
For industry, improved efficiency is crucial for the reduction of the global energy consumption and to improve sustainability, hence the current focus on the efficiency benefits of DC microgrid technology. For green renewable energy, high efficiencies foster the uptake of photovoltaic, water, and wind generation, extracting the maximum energy from limited natural resources.

High demands on power electronics

To achieve this essential efficiency objective, power electronics is transitioning to higher switching frequencies and increased voltages, while still trying to balance the cost vs performance equation and to reduce the overall size (Figure 1). However, such a transition necessitates the integration of next-generation semiconductor devices, with new iterations of power MOSFETs and wide-band gap SiCs and GaNs being released on a regular basis.
This poses a challenge for design engineers: in an environment marked by constant advancements in power switching transistor technology, how can I future-proof my power stages to take advantage of these new generations without the need for constant redesign?
Figure 1: Higher switching frequency leads to smaller solutions, but the choice of transistor technology depends on the output power and cost constraints. IGBT provides more power, GaN enables smaller solutions and SiC provides more power in a smaller space
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