Interchangeable part
detection using RFID

Interchangeable parts are frequently used to quickly convert packaging machines or bottling plants to a new format. They make it possible to adapt machines for new recipes, package sizes and materials without time-consuming manual configuration and adjustment work. Industrial identification solutions using RFID from Balluff provide automatic and reliable interchangeable part detection.
Solution for different package sizes (Source: Balluff)
Identification solutions ensure that the right interchangeable parts are used when changing formats. This is an efficient way to avoid errors and damage to machines caused by incorrect parts as well as implement intelligent machine designs.

Format change made easy

RFID data carriers, which can be read out or written to without contact, are used in place of barcodes, metal tags or laser-etched/dot-peened codes for labeling the interchangeable parts. This method works even when the tags are slightly dirty. The BIS M system offered by Balluff is the perfect HF RFID solution for this (13.56 MHz). Based on the application, different system combinations of processor unit, read/write head and data carriers can be used. The website of the provider offers an RFID configurator on its website, which is intuitive to operate and provides practical support in selecting the right components.
When the machine controller is used optimally, it automatically evaluates all information, initiates the corresponding stored actions and thereby actively supports the user. The system only starts up when all the interchangeable parts are placed and fixed at the proper location.
RFID allows data such as the operating life of the specific interchangeable part to be read in using the tag so that this information can be updated each time the part is used. If a part needs to be replaced or reworked, a notification or alarm is issued in the machine controller before fault conditions can arise. And those who want to differentiate original parts from those of third-party suppliers can also use RFID for this purpose. This provides guarantee protection, increases machine safety and protects the intellectual property of the machine manufacturer. ds
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