Future-proof visualisations for IIoT applications

Machinery and plants as well as production processes generate a continual flow of data. Companies that are able to generate added value from this data will be able to enjoy success in the future. However, the large amount of generated data must be easily accessible to the machine operator via a HMI (Human Machine Interface). With the u-create PROCON-WEB SCADA software tool and PROCON-WEB Embedded System, Weidmüller provides visualisation solutions with dynamic user interfaces that can be individually parametrised and configured without any programming expertise.
The user can use simple project planning to acquire data from machines and display the operating states via a browser, e.g. on mobile devices, and transfer the data to the cloud. PROCON-WEB is particularly suitable for future-proof machine visualisation that focuses on a user-centred presentation of machine data, thus allowing for ideal interaction with the production process.

Making machine data available

The challenge is figuring out how to select, bundle and prepare all of the information in a meaningful way. Easily scalable and platform-independent HMI and SCADA solutions such as PROCON-WEB from Weidmüller can be used flexibly and make relevant machine data available everywhere.
They facilitate fault processing as well as data recording and management to support the control of complex processes. Intuitive operating concepts for any end devices can be easily created with the HMI/SCADA software PROCON-WEB. The result is a flexible, web-based machine operating concept that makes the machine data available where the user needs it and tailors it to his task.
The user gains additional advantages from the ability to use a wide range of web-enabled devices.
For example, users can use their own devices such as smartphones or tablets as HMIs, and defective hardware can be replaced quickly and easily.

From data collection
to data systematics

The path that a data record takes from the factory floor to an ERP system typically passes through countless gateways and usually needs to be created individually.
In contrast, the IIoT opens up brand new possibilities. Weidmüller makes this potential accessible with its PROCON-WEB HMI/SCADA software.
Intuitive operating concepts for any
end devices can be easily created with the HMI/SCADA software PROCON-WEB from Weidmüller
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