New efficient release system for Push-Pull circular connectors of the Y-Circ P series

The successful Y-Circ P series of push-pull circular connectors from Yamaichi Electronics is being expanded with a new release system.
Connector technology
For years, Yamaichi Electronics has been continuously expanding its Y-Circ P circular connector portfolio. "We have developed a new flexible system for easy unlocking, in order to offer our customers a convenient extension to existing products," explains Matthias Schuster, product manager for circular connectors at Yamaichi Electronics.
The opening assistance is compatible with all straight and angled cable connectors of the Y-Circ P series and can be used for all standard sizes. With its facilitating release function, this accessory helps the user to gain full advantage of the push-pull connectors – especially within tight mounting spaces.

Easy unlocking

Merely pulling on the lanyard leads to an unlocking effect for the push-pull circular connector. The lanyard extends the circular connector to a certain extent.
Therefore, the push-pull system´s feature and advantages completely maintain. An increase in time-efficiency can be gained through a better accessibility of the unlocking device, on behalf of extremely tight connector positions. Reason being the circular connectors are accessible and can be pulled without much effort.

Retrofittable unlocking

Yamaichi Electronics offers new products of the Y-Circ P series in a pre-assembled condition. The new release system can be used immediately after delivery. On the other hand, the unlocking aid is offered as a retrofit kit for field assembly. Customers who have already purchased circular connectors can easily assemble the unlocking aid themselves without suffering any functional disadvantages compared to the product with pre-assembled unlocking relief. Yamaichi’s supporting tool YCP-ACT-2 assists for an easy installation. Customer-specific connectors as well as customer-specific release aids can also be realised quickly and flexibly due to our own production and development in Germany.
The YAMAICHI configurator supports our customers by a correct assembly process and generates an appropriate lanyard for a selected product to make ordering easy. ds
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