AI plug-in card with Coral Edge TPUTM for retrofitting

With the Mustang-T100-T5 ICP Germany expands its portfolio of AI accelerator cards and brings another possibility to extend existing systems with AI functionalities.
Powerful, energy-saving and sustainable are three plus points of the new Mustang card.
On the MUSTANG-T100, five Coral Edge TPUTM from Google® offer the possibility to execute up to five different AI tasks simultaneously. The performance of each TPU speaks for itself. 4 trillion computing operations per second at 2 watts power consumption per TPU, 2 TOPs per watt, in total according to Adam Riese up to 20 TOPs at 15 watts power consumption of the card.
Vision / Industrial PC
Instead of replacing existing systems with new ones, they can be sustainably upgraded with the Mustang-T100-T5. The five Coral Edge TPUs fit on a low profile PCI Express card with half height and half length. This makes it easy to integrate the Mustang-T100 into existing systems with a PCI Express x4 slot.

Flexible in terms of hardware
and operating system

In addition to x86 platforms, ARM platforms are also supported, as well as Windows operating systems and Linux. Upgrading existing systems thus enables a longer runtime and a reduction of the CO2 footprint. The easy implementation of an AI model is guaranteed by Tensorflow Light. Systems with Mustang-TPU now offer parallel multitasking with which a separate AI model can be calculated per TPU. Shorter latency times can be achieved by model pipelining. This splits the AI model into segments to run the computation in parallel on each TPU, reducing the overall computation time.
AutoML Vision Edge accelerates transfer learning, the execution of pre-trained models directly on the system, by using the TPUs. By transfer learning and optimizing the system with a small data set, accuracy is increased and training time is significantly reduced. Image classification, object recognition and image segmentation are ideal applications for the Mustang-T100. ds
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