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Spectra Silent wDL series:
IP65 panel PCs with all-round protection

Industrial Panel PCs with IP65 protection class have long been established as reliable and robust operating devices for controlling machines and systems in adverse production environments.
The advantages of all-round IP65 protected panel PCs are protection against dust and moisture, durability and robustness, suitability for hygiene requirements and reduced downtime.
These panel PCs offer high resistance to the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture enabling the use in environments with harsh conditions.
Industrial PC
Individual cable feed-through
In addition, the IP65 protection class ensures a certain level of shock resistance and resistance to mechanical impact, which can extend the life of the device.
Furthermore, IP65 protected panel PCs can be used in areas where hygiene and regular cleaning are important, as they are easy to clean.
Another important argument in favour of IP65: protection against external influences reduces the likelihood of hardware failures, which can lead to higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Flat front aluminium housing

The industrial panel PCs of the Spectra Silent-wDL series comply exactly with the all-round IP65 standard and also impress with their elegance due to the slim design and the flat front of the aluminium housing.
The latest generation is equipped with a Core i5-1145G7E processor and 8 GB RAM. The powerful processor operates with a TDP of only 15 W. Due to an intelligent cooling concept, the Panel PC does not need a fan at all. There is a choice of six models with screen diagonals from 12 inch to 24 inch. The displays can be operated by capacitive touch, with additional control elements integrated into the touch surfaces for brightness, volume, and application call-up.
Login and release processes are easily realised with the help of the integrated RFID/NFC reader. A waterproof USB 2.0 service socket is provided as standard. Other interfaces such as USB, COM, LAN and HDMI are individually led out through special IP65 seals.
Integrated RFID/NFC reader for login and approval processes
Even extensions can be implemented with one M.2 2230 E-Key (WLAN/BT) and one M.2 3052 B-Key (SIM/5G) slot each. The Panel PC models are powered as standard via the integrated 100 to 240 VAC power supply unit. The operating temperature is between 0 and 45 °C. ds
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