Refurbished IT

A win-win for companies and the environment

AfB social & green IT, Europe's largest non-profit IT company, has specialised in refurbishment, collaborates with more than 1,600 companies, refurbishes their used hardware and brings it back into the economic cycle.
Green IT
High energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions, rare earths: The production of IT devices consumes valuable resources and is anything but environmentally friendly. An exciting alternative to new hardware is the use of refurbished desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets since these devices are much more sustainable and at the same time more cost-effectively than new goods.
On the other hand, there are no compromises on quality: These are usually business devices of high quality, which were only used in companies for a few years. In SMEs, these almost new devices can render good services for many more years. Besides the ecological one, the social conscience is soothed as well: At the inclusion company AfB half of the workforce is composed of people with disabilities.

The advantages of
refurbished IT

Refurbished devices are as functional as new ones, but up to 40 percent cheaper than new goods. Another advantage is the fact that business devices are generally of a higher quality than those, which are produced for the use in private households. For example, batteries – often a weak point of inexpensive laptops or tablets – in devices designed for professional use, are of higher quality and therefore last significantly longer. At AfB social & green IT, large batches of the same devices are available, so that entire department can work with the same hardware. An exciting option for companies is also to return their well-preserved hardware to AfB.

How does the refurbishing process work at AfB?

Especially large companies put emphasis on high-quality business hardware but often use it only for a few years. AfB refurbishes these well-preserved devices and brings them back into the economic cycle after a complex process.
During the whole process, the refurbishing company guarantees absolute data security from the collection to the delivery.
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