Portable thermal imaging cameras for every application

Save energy and costs, accelerate decarbonisation, prevent damage, check terrain: Seek Thermal's Compact and Reveal models can be used in many ways.

The thermal imaging cameras of the Compact and Reveal series from the Californian company Seek Thermal combine a multitude of functions in a very small space. The Compact, Compact XR and CompactPro models are about the size of a USB stick and are available for iOS and Android devices.
Special Sensors
Maintenance personnel in industry and trade therefore do not need a bulky tool for thermal analyses – the Compact models have the format of a standard USB stick. They are simply plugged onto a compatible smartphone and can be conveniently controlled via app.
The universal Compact is aimed primarily at craftsmen, Compact XR was specially designed for outdoor use and security operation. It offers an increased viewing distance of up to 500 meters. The CompactPro can be used to check mechanical and electrical systems in detail. The compact RevealPro with integrated torch was also developed for use in companies. CompactPro and RevealPro are also reliable companions in hazardous environments.

Reduce energy costs thanks to Thermalcheck

Faulty or poorly insulated HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems can drive up energy costs. Using infrared thermal imaging technology, technicians can conveniently check possible weak points such as valves, pipes and electrical components – without tearing open walls. Seek Thermal Compact detects temperatures from -40 to +330 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the wide viewing angle of 36 degrees, the handy tool is particularly suitable for thermal tests. Leaks in water pipes, leaks in walls and energy guzzlers in the home can be reliably detected.
Troubleshooting in the control cabinet: Heat generation due to loose contact
Troubleshooting in the control cabinet: Heat generation due to loose contact
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