High-performance direct‑drive actuator

New drivetrain enables more productive robots, machines and factory floor space

Drive technology
LiveDrive® direct drive systems have lower inertia and fast stopping times to maximize safety and productivity. The control system safety meets ISO 15066 for collaborative robots.
Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies presents the new LiveDrive® LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuators, with an extensive range of configurations and performance options. LiveDrive® direct-drive actuators eliminate the need for gearing and are redefining the next generation of parallel robots and precision machinery, unlocking capabilities beyond the reach of conventional drivetrains, across many applications.
LiveDrive® LDD actuators redefine the standard of simplicity, cleanliness, and productivity for high-throughput machines. LiveDrive® is a high-torque, compact, direct-drive solution designed for robots and machines in the food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries. The high-performance actuator reduces maintenance requirements while increasing uptime and reliability. And with no need for gears, belts, or lubrication, LiveDrive® actuators simplify the drivetrain, delivering increased performance and lower total cost of ownership. “We are thrilled to launch this leading-edge actuation technology, making it available to manufacturers and system integrators globally,” said Chris Di Lello, CEO of Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies.
“A simpler drivetrain empowers a better robot: faster to assemble and easier to maintain. This creates value for our customers and end users and represents a true breakthrough for the robotics and automation industries.”
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