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CPC-connector series overmoulded – single outlet, double outlet & termination caps

CONEC has expanded its range of agricultural connectors to include overmolded versions of the CPC connector series. In addition to agricultural and automotive engineering, CPC connectors are frequently used in control cabinets, robotics, injection molding machines and machine tools.
Connector technology
This design is a robust connector which, in contrast to the previous agricultural connectors in the CONEC product range, has a threaded connection with positive detent and is smaller in size than, for example, an Isobus connector. Both, single and double outlet versions for the cable, as well as termination caps, are available. The versions with double outlet are used for the distribution of signals and power as Y-distributors with different connectors and variable cable lengths. With this option, systems can be built more compactly, and installation space can be saved. Upon request, a great variety of combinations are possible in addition to the standard items with open cable ends – for example, with double outlet.

Various designs possible

In parallel to the versions with double cable outlet, CONEC has also implemented versions as termination caps for the CPC series. With the termination cap design, unused connectors can not only be protected from dirt. In addition, the IP67 protection class is met in mated condition. The termination caps are supplied as standard with a securing loop with which they can be undetachable fastened to the cable of the mating connector, for example. A hole at the end of the caps offers additional fastening options for the customer, e. g. to fasten the termination cap to a housing using a steel cable.
Optional version with double cable outlet

Additional wiring feasible

As standard, the caps are designed without contacts and additional wiring. Optionally, it is possible to integrate resistors and short-circuit bridges into the termination caps. For example, terminating connectors for CAN bus systems and also connectors for coding can be realised. This results in a wide range of possible applications. The versions of the overmoulded CPC connector series comply with protection class IP67 in mated condition with single as well as double outlet and as termination cap. ds

  • Compact design
  • Distribution from one connector to 2 lines possible
  • Protection class IP67 in mated condition and when used with termination cap
  • Option of wiring in termination caps enables use as end plugs, etc.
  • Due to overmoulding, continuous protection from the housing into the cable is ensured.
  • Use in harsh environments
  • Tamper-proof
  • Tested confection
Fields of application
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Road construction
  • Transport industry
  • Control technology
  • Control engineering
  • Energy supplies
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Robotics
  • Machine tools
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