industrial motion control

Dynetics presents the SOMANET servo drives from Synapticon: Integrated motion for robotics, machine building and autonomous industrial systems.

Drive technology
Synapticon, based in Schönaich near Stuttgart, Shanghai and Redwood City (Silicon Valley), is reshaping the world of motion control for robotics and machines at the point of motion. The company is introducing an entirely new approach to motion axes by integrating formerly discrete components such as motors, drives, sensors and gears into seamless units, digitizing performance and quality factors that were previously dependent on costly mechanical manufacturing.
The company offers the most compact, efficient and easy-to-use servo drives for distributed system architectures, providing unparalleled solutions for integrating drives into motion axes.
Many of the most innovative manufacturers of robots and machines use Synapticon to realize better products faster and to work with a reliable and deeply supportive partner to achieve their most ambitious goals.
The SOMANET servo drives complete the product range of linear and rotary solutions from Dynetics GmbH. Synapticon products are ideal for robotic arms, mobile robots (AGV/AMR) and integrated machine controllers and can be divided into SOMANETN Node series, SOMANET Circulo, OBLAC Drive Tools and MOTORCORTEX.

SOMANET Node series

The SOMANET Node series is a family of ultra-compact, super-efficient and powerful servo drives that support all PMSM/Synchronous AC/BLDC motors up to 60 V and 100 A / 66 Arms and feature an EtherCAT interface with CiA DS 402 protocol.


Motion control for modern robotics in circular shape – SOMANET Circulo is the world's first integrated motion device: a complete servo-drive solution with outstanding features such as integrated high-resolution absolute encoders, integrated motor brake, numerous sensor interfaces, optimal mechanical integration, suitable for common actuator designs, and a high-speed EtherCAT interface (DS402, up to 4 kHz).

OBLAC Drive Tools

These tools are a very user-friendly commissioning and tuning software for fast and easy commissioning.


Fully featured high performance motion control software suite for any multi-axis kinematics – MOTORCORTEX is a comprehensive standard software stack that runs on a wide range of industrial and embedded computers and can be set up individually.

Safety for contemporary applications

All Synapticon servo drives are certified by TÜV Süd for the safety functions STO and SBC. The safety parameters enable safety-critical applications up to PL e or SIL 3. The safety functions are integrated as a hardware-only solution and enable direct integration of the servo drives into a safety-oriented system. Stay tuned for what's next: Full Safe Motion capabilities and Fail-Safe EtherCAT will come later this year for Circulo.
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