Spectra I/O modules speak MQTT and OPC UA

From digitalisation on the shop floor to innovative IoT applications, there are numerous applications where digital and analogue process signals need to be processed.
IIoT / Edge
The I/O modules can be connected to SCADA and MES systems via OPC UA.
The coupling to the cloud takes place via MQTT
Our new U-7500 input/output series supports the modern protocol standards OPC UA and MQTT and enables simultaneous communication via both protocols. This ensures efficient communication in all directions: OPC UA for connection to your internal SCADA or MES systems, MQTT for coupling to higher-level, external cloud services.
With the two LAN ports, it is possible to realise a daisy-chain structure along plants, production lines or building segments over long distances. The built-in rule engine allows to process the data locally via simple IF-THEN-ELSE logic functions. Data access via REST API is also possible.
Furthermore, all settings can be made via a convenient web interface. The input/output modules are available in different channel combinations with up to 16 channels. ds
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