This reduces errors and produces more accurate results in terms of latex thickness. If everything fits during product development, it's thumbs up for series production.

Diving with the KR IONTEC

But which robot is suitable for the job? "We decided on a KR IONTEC. It is not too big and is ideally suited for use in tight, confined spaces such as a chemical laboratory," says Vincent Chia Wei Siang, Country Sales Manager at KUKA in Malaysia. Whether on the floor, on the wall or in an inclined position, the KR IONTEC combines compact design with the largest workspace in its class. Equipped with a waterproof and dustproof central hand and protected motors, the robot is suitable for almost any application. Le Inoova quickly and easily programmed the entire immersion system via KUKA.Sim programming. "The simulation software is designed to be user-friendly," says CY Ching.

Hand on it: Consistent quality through the robot

Managing Director Hui is very pleased with the cooperation with KUKA and has already achieved great success after only a short time: "The robot application allows us to minimize errors, which are simply human and always occur, and to advance product development more quickly." Material waste is drastically reduced – from around 2,500 kilograms to 30 kilograms per day. "Our customers can save resources, money and time with automation," Hui explains.
IDEA General Manager Ching also appreciates the cooperation with KUKA: "KUKA's technical support, from spare parts to service and training, is one of the best I've ever experienced." He hopes to continue a close exchange with KUKA and their latest robotic technologies to create future-proof solutions for the glove dipping process.

A total solution
for research and development

Le Inoova is confident that the desired requirements for their customers could be fully met. At the same time, it was important not to compromise on quality and reliability.
"The system serves as a total solution for research and development work and makes the optimization of the dipping process traceable and hassle-free," says CEO Hui. "Our goal is to integrate the industrial robotic arm into our daily lives and have it perform delicate work with high precision." Thanks to KUKA and system partner IDEA, automation has arrived in the glove industry – securing the global demand for rubber gloves in the long term. ds


New connectors for industry

In Product News 2022, CONEC provides an overview of innovations from the product groups M8x1, M12x1, B17 (Hybrid connectors), receptacles, insulation bodies, and the valve connectors series ATM and DT. In addition to a variety of connectors for all current standards, CONEC's particular strength is the integrated moulding of components and assemblies as well as in the development of customized solutions.
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