Overmoulded panel feed-throughs M8x1/M12x1 with cable

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of machines and systems with a variety of sensors and actuators, there is a need to distribute data to centralized or decentralized enclosures or control cabinets. The overmoulded panel feed-throughs from CONEC can be used, for example, to transfer data from the IP67 world to the IP20 world in the control cabinet.
Connector technology
With the shielded and unshielded panel feed-throughs with cable connected at the rear, there is the possibility of routing data into the interior of devices or control cabinets using M8x1 or M12x1 connectors. There, connectors can be used for direct connection to components, e. g. to programmable controllers or industrial PCs.
The sockets are available as overmoulded female versions with different codings, for example to realise an industrial Ethernet transmission (100 Mbit/s or 10Gbit/s.) or a transmission of the EtherCatP protocol. In addition to the standard screw termination, a bayonet quick locking system is available as an alternative for size M12x1.
Thanks to the robust overmoulding and the flange housing with fastening thread, there is now the possibility of fastening connectors with cables outside of housings, e. g. with brackets directly on drag chains. The second side of the connecting cable can be customised with many connectors from the CONEC product range. Optional colour variants as well as customer-specific lettering complete the offer. ds


  • 360° shielded (optional)
  • Fastening thread or
    bayonet quick-release fastener alternatively
  • Degree of protection IP67 in mated condition
  • Customised labelling on request

Fields of application

  • Automation technology
  • Housing technology
  • Process technology
  • Test and inspection equipment
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