Powerful and
extremely flexible

Spectra PowerBox 420: Edge AI Box PC with
Alder Lake processors

Sophisticated AI applications in industry require a suitable computer platform to run multiple processes in the shortest possible time and/or in real time – a so-called Edge AI system. If this system also has the necessary flexibility to be adapted to different requirements, it is the ideal choice for any system integrator.
IIoT & Edge
The Spectra PowerBox 420 offers four sockets for extensions
With the Spectra PowerBox 420, Spectra presents a very powerful, industrial Edge AI box PC with the latest processor technology.
Depending on the application, there is a choice between different 12th generation processors (Alder Lake) from Core i9 to Celeron. This means that not only the performance but also the costs can be adapted to requirements, because customers only pay for what they need.
The 12th processor generation is particularly effective due to its hybrid architecture with performance and efficiency cores. This enables better adaptation to different workloads, as the performance cores can be used for demanding tasks, while the efficiency cores handle the less intensive tasks. And all this with a maximum TPD of 65 W (for Core i9).

Stable, reliable operation

Alder Lake supports DDR5 memory with 4800 MHz up to 64 GB. Combined with ECC technology, this provides additional stability and reliability required for industrial automation applications and the risk of failures and data loss is effectively reduced. Thanks to the integrated Intel® Deep Learning Boost function (Intel® DL Boost) with VNNI instructions, the execution of deep learning workloads is particularly optimized. The Intel® architecture of the UHD 770 graphics chip boosts GPU performance in image classification to 2.8 times the speed of the Comet Lake-S platform and provides the processing power required for edge AI computing. Up to three independent displays with 4K resolution or one display with 8K resolution can be connected via HDMI, DVI-I or DP port.

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