Robot checks coffee grinder

Robot checks
coffee grinder

KUKA LBR iisy cobot in quality assurance

LIGRE, a brand launched by Gronbach, is conquering the consumer goods industry with a fresh feature for household coffee grinders: grinding coffee to the exact gram. Previously reserved for coffee machines that were designed for the food service industry, Gronbach's development engineers relied on the support of the LBR iisy cobot from KUKA. To test for quality control, they put the new grinder's durability and compliance with the preset coffee weight through thorough examination.
KUKA Video: New LBR iisy Cobot

Premium supplier for high-end devices and assemblies

The Gronbach Group was originally founded in 1964 as a hinge manufacturing company. After rapid development, Gronbach currently manages five production sites in Europe, a sales office in the U.S. and around 1,200 staff members. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), they specialize in the development and production of technical assemblies and complex products. These products are delivered internationally to more than 500 customers that vary from start-up organizations to large corporations.
They work predominantly in the household appliances industry with coffee machines, cooktops, steamers, and numerous other devices. Gastronomy, medical and automotive industries are also represented among its customers.
For Gronbach, quality is their top priority. At the production and research and development (R&D) site in Niederndorf, Austria an in-house team is devoted to research and customer-specific development of product assembly. Everything comes together in terms of mechanics, electronics, software, and several other technical categories. The commonality between these products is their high-quality standard for technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency. For the quality control of this exacting coffee grinder, engineers relied on the support of the LBR iisy cobot from KUKA during testing.

High quality needed
for new LIGRE siji coffee grinder

As a premium OEM, Gronbach has broad manu­facturing expertise with comprehensive knowledge in the R&D field.
Built from hundreds of personalized and successfully completed projects, their broad knowledge has now resulted in its own brand name – LIGRE. LIGRE is actively entering the market as a manufacturer of high-end coffee machines.
One of the first products to be launched on the market is the LIGRE siji coffee grinder along-side a LIGRE espresso machine.
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