D‑SUB Combination connectors

CONEC offers a wide range of D-SUB Combination connectors for industrial and commercial applications. They can be ideal solutions for requirements such as "shielded RF signals" or "high current on printed circuit boards", all while minimizing the number of connectors and cable assemblies needed.
The connectors are available in two versions
In these cases, Combination D-SUB connectors can simplify multiple interface problems. They allow different contact types to be combined without changing the shape, size, or installation dimensions. Signal transmission and power supply functions can be integrated in the same connector. By using high-current contacts, the power supply to the device can be realised without an additional interface for the power supply. A choice can be made between the Combination D-SUB, Combination D-SUB High Density and Combination D-SUB Dual Port series.
High-voltage contacts enable operating voltages of up to 2.8 kV. Fast signal transmission via shielded coaxial cables is achieved with the use of special coaxial contacts. The connectors are always supplied with signal contacts, except for the crimp version. The high-current, high-voltage and coaxial contacts can be ordered separately or can be mounted in the connector at the factory.
With five shell sizes and possible pin combinations of high voltage, power and coaxial CONEC´s D-SUB Combination connectors offer more flexibility than other solutions on the market. ds


  • 5 housing sizes
  • Current rating Power contacts up to 40 A
  • Coax contacts 50/75 Ohm
  • High-voltage contacts: up to 2.8 kV
  • Wide range of mounting options

Fields of applications

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Military
  • Test and measurement technology
  • Telecommunications
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