Full Steam Ahead into the Cloud

Turck's solution package for electric steam generators from Certuss

Steam generators made by Certuss GmbH & Co. KG supply customers worldwide with process heat and process steam in over 100 sectors. Certuss relies on Turck automation technology for the development of its compact and modular EMX series – from pressure transmitters to BL20 I/O systems and TX series HMI controllers, right through to the cloud connection for remote maintenance using Turck Cloud Solutions. Turck's extensive consulting support, service, development service and, not least, the functionality of its products as well as the scope of its portfolio have impressed the company.
IIoT & Edge
Electric steam generators are one way of reducing the CO2 footprint. Whether in the health sector, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive or food and beverage industry, the steam generators of Certuss Dampfautomaten GmbH & Co. KG supply steam and process heat worldwide. Steam and heat are indispensable in many industrial processes such as cooking, sterilizing, or drying. A failure in steam generation can therefore lead in many sectors to the shutdown of entire processes and have serious consequences. “Steam provides the basis for the entire process of each of our customers,” explains Thomas Hamacher, managing partner and technical manager at Certuss.

Electrically driven steam generators increasingly more important

The highly compact steam generators of the family-owned company based in Krefeld were for a long time mainly driven with gas and oil. However, Certuss and its customers have recently been increasingly using electrically driven steam generators, which can also operate more sustainably. Customers have also been requiring steam generators that are compact and easy to maintain.
Certuss has met the demands of all three trends with its new EMX product series. Considerable importance is placed here on the availability of spares and the fast accessibility of service personnel. “For the customer, the supply of steam must be as convenient and reliable as the supply of electricity from a power outlet,” explains Thomas Hamacher. “Ideally, the customer is hardly aware of the location or function of the steam generator.”

Modularity, space saving and remote monitoring

The electric steam boilers of the EMX series can be expanded in modules. Thanks to their upright design, they can be combined into space saving assemblies. The main module can be expanded with additional units if the requirements increase.
Certuss has also equipped the systems with an online connection for monitoring system status remotely.
The measured data provided by the pressure transmitters is routed to the BL20 I/O system
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