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Higher pressures and greater availability

The EMX steam generator offers users a critical added value: they generate steam at a pressure of up to 16 bar. This was previously only possible with steam generators driven by fossil fuel. However, these will increasingly be replaced since Certuss customers are endeavouring to minimize their CO2 footprint. Customers are well prepared for the future with the EMX generation. “We hope to enjoy other benefits from the cloud solution in the future, such as predictive maintenance with anomaly detection,” Thomas Hamacher explains further plans. “We also intend to build steam generators that run on hydrogen with the latest control technology. We firmly intend a close collaboration with Turck in this project.”

Author: Andreas Herrmann,
Director of Sales Germany West at Turck

Reliable connectors
for industry

CONEC develops, produces and markets high-quality connectors, connecting cables and single ended cables as well as enclosure technology. For over 40 years, CONEC products have been proven in automation, telecommunications and energy technology, machine manufacturing, agriculture and medical technology, transportation and the aviation industry.
One of its strengths is the integrated moulding of components and assemblies and the development of customized solutions.
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