Empowering technicians when expert protocol knowledge is scarce

SNAP IE uses AI to identify PROFINET and EtherNet/IP errors

Procentec, the market-leading provider of diagnostic solutions in the field of industrial automation with over 25 years of experience, presents SNAP IE, an incredibly powerful software monitoring tool that slashes the time it takes to diagnose the physical layer errors of PROFINET and EtherNet/IP networks
AI and network diagnostics
With SNAP IE, Field technicians can analyse typical errors in just a couple of minutes. What's more, they don't need to be protocol experts to achieve such incredible results.
SNAP IE is an extension to SNAP, which is designed to permanently monitor PROFIBUS networks. The introduction of SNAP IE represents a huge step forward for users of Industrial Ethernet communication systems. Troubleshooting of industrial network has never been easier.

A fit and forget
monitoring solution

SNAP stands for "Synthetic Neurologic Analytic Processor".
It is a self-learning tool that uses active and passive level measurements to identify PROFINET and EtherNet/IP faults and interpret the data.
This is a real time saver. Technicians no longer have to waste valuable time looking for errors or figuring out how to fix them. They simply let SNAP's advanced algorithms do the work.

SNAP IE offers many advantages

SNAP IE cuts the time it takes to analyse and repair common physical layer errors by several hours or even days, safeguarding the reliability of the enterprise network and the enterprise itself.
The solution indicates the most probable cause of error and (via Delphi) the best path of repair, empowering technicians to go directly to the fault and fix it with speed and confidence. In addition, SNAP IE contains and processes the troubleshooting experience of Procentec’s expert engineers, bridging the knowledge gap of the technicians in the customer's company.
SNAP IE uses AI to learn automatically, increasing the accuracy of the diagnostic process and maintaining network uptime. Another benefit: the solution costs a quarter of the annual salary of a full-time field technician, so the investment pays for itself after just one prevented downtime.

24/7 access to the latest knowledge, anywhere in the world

SNAP is constantly learning. It uses AI to absorb the first-hand experiences of Procentec engineers — experience that has been gained maintaining and troubleshooting industrial protocols for over 25 years. As more data goes into SNAP, the better it becomes at interpretation. And that knowledge is available to you around the clock, whether they are on-site or at a remote location.

Bridging the gap

It can take up to five years to fully understand a single industrial protocol like PROFINET or EtherNet/IP. A diagnostic tool built on leading-edge technology and drawing on relevant technical expertise can provide comprehensive support to technicians in the field. Instead of troubleshooting, they can make efficiency improvements to the network that benefit the business.

No longer any need to call out support engineers

Configuration, device, connection and network errors are the bane of most industrial network technicians. Certain errors such as malfunctions, wrong cable types, link fooding or too many devices in a ring can be difficult to find and fix.
But the days of having to call a technician are over. With SNAP, users get an immediate written diagnosis that identifies the most likely cause of the fault and describes how to fix it.
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