IIoT & Edge
The 5G mobile router has four antenna ports (50 Ω SMA, center pin: female), one serial port und two Ethernet ports

Low latency network feasible

Digi's 5G-enabled solutions not only enable faster speeds, but also reduce latency, enable real-time analytics at the network edge, and allow customers to build private 5G networks. Combining 5G with Wi-Fi 6 and WPA3 also brings benefits to any application that requires secure WLAN for many clients or bandwidth-intensive devices.
Digi EX50's next-generation Wi-Fi 6 radio operates on both 2.4- and 5-GHz frequencies and offers higher speed, capacity and range than previous Wi-Fi products. Mr. Schumacher continued, "Our approach to working with customers is based on the recognition that today's project is best served with 4G solutions that will enable a seamless transition to 5G when these networks are deployed on a larger scale. As an industry leader, it was natural for BRESSNER to enhance our current offering while providing 5G solutions for the future. Our trusted partner approach and commitment to customer satisfaction and protection set us apart from the competition. " ds

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