How green power is becoming even more sustainable

Think green – act responsibly on electrical connectivity solutions

Connector technology
Measuring devices such as detectors, sensors, level and flow monitors and fuel pumps require components that are resistant to harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity, corrosion and vibration. 974 and 950 series terminals are often used for instrumentation in industrial applications
Generating renewable energy is supposed to make an important contribution to limiting climate change. But it is not enough to focus solely on the production of "green electricity”. In this segment, too, it is important to use resources sparingly and promote sustainability. Examples from WECO show how it can be done.
When Managing Director Detlef Fritsch drives "into the countryside" from Hanau, in the direction of Hoher Vogelsberg or Hessischer Spessart, he encounters not only green nature there, but also green energy.
Numerous wind turbines are to be found on the mountain ridges here. And his company, WECO Contact, helps to ensure that they function as smoothly as possible.
Regenerative energy has become an important area of application for the Hanau-based manufacturer of connection elements for electronics and electrical engineering. Its components can be found, for example, in the gearbox controls of wind turbines, in tidal power plants, solar systems and heat pumps. But this contribution to climate protection in the generation of green electricity is not enough for the managing director.
For almost a decade, sustainability has been a crucial aspect of the company's strategy, true to the motto "think green - act responsible". Resource-saving processes in production contribute just as much to making "Green Energy" a little greener, as does the longevity of the products.
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